art of craft
where the magic


The Gem Palace is a museum-atelier, its fascinating treasures illuminate the house
like a gem, luxurious jewels and objects of exquisite workmanship sparkle in this
maze of chambers and vibrant rugs.



At the Gem Palace, we create
pieces with intricate
decorative details.

Sanjay and his artisans give
gems a glittering face and
precious gold is
worked in the traditional
techniques of ancient
Persian goldsmiths.

Much of the fame and
success of the company
can be attributed to the
extremely skilled set
of artisans who have
been working at
the Gem Palace for
many generations.

The Gem Palace is
a living museum.
It has its
own special history and it
bears the cultural spirit
of the family and of
the many dedicated artisans
who grew up inside its walls.

Due to its longstanding experience in the trade, The Gem Palace often collaborates with some of the world’s largest and most important brands, and thoughout the years it has served an astonishing array of iconic and historical figures such as the Mughal Emperor, the Royal Family of Jaipur, Prin- cess Diana and a long list of Hollywood stars. Today, the Gem Palace has moved on to producing many western pieces in order to accommodate its growing western client base. It is a strong priority for the company to maintain the traditions of its craftsmen in order to carry on this great art for genera- tions to come.

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