deep in the rough
where the magic


At The Gem Palace, designing jewelry is not only a profession, but a fervent and
steady passion. Working in bare feet and cross-legged, Sanjay and the artisans of
the atelier meticulously transcribe designs from paper to life.



The Gem Palace transforms
and polishes stones for
some of the world’s premier
jewelry houses.

With an unparalleled talent
for gem cutting, The Gem
Palace is known for
its rare and unique material
and its use of the
most varied types of stone.

An example are the Fine
Natural Basra Pearls,
extremely appreciated in the
Mughal Age and now
cherished and sought after
by a niche of collectors.
We make it a priority
to search for the best material
available because it is precisely
the rare beauty and
unique quality
of our gems that oftentimes
inspires the conception
of our most spectacular jewels

The ancient colonial city of Jaipur is considered the capital of colored stones, especially emeralds, which were the preferred stone of the Mughals and are now known as the symbolic gem of this ancient imperial city. Inlaid and cabochon-cut stones are still worked in the traditional engraving style. In India each gem carries its own mythology and beliefs that have oftentimes deeply influenced entire cultures. The Gem Palace makes it a priority to find the most varied and precious stones available in order to perpetuate the fascinating culture and rituals that these jewels represent.

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